Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Me, Worry? Says Ben (and Timmy and the Whole Crew)

This gotta be one of the biggest crap I've ever seen coming from Ben, Timmy, the whole PPT and TBTF Wall Street banks: to levitate the US stock market on a non-POMO day on a thin volume, after the massive earthquake in Japan and on-going and worsening turmoil in Libya and euro and the EU getting unhinged over debt crisis in PIG.

They've been throwing everything they've got on the market from the get-go.

The ostensible reason for today's gain? Because the oil price fell! Of course.

30 minutes to the close, Dow is up over 100 points, S&P500 up 13, Nasdaq 22.

US dollar is down big, gold, silver up, oil down, copper is up.

NFLX is still below 50-DMA (which sits at $204.03 today). For that matter, Nasdaq remains well below 50-DMA, despite today's advance.

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