Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nasdaq Underperformers for the Day

Nasdaq is is up but underperforming Dow today (Dow is levitating on Bank of America Analyst Day in 3 years), but its major (momo) components are underperforming the index. Not a good sign.

The index is up 1% right now.

Nasdaq underperformers on my stock screen:

AMZN: down 0.50%
GOOG: up 0.65%
NFLX: down 5.21%
AAPL: up 0.48%
QCOM: down 0.75%
BIDU: up 0.16%
INTC: flat
RIMM: up 0.06%
CSCO: up 0.25%
ISRG: up 0.63%

On the other hand, overperformers are:

YHOO: up 1.44%
ORCL: up 2.59%
AMD: up 2.48%
WDC: up 2.85%

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