Thursday, March 3, 2011

Over-performers and Under-performers on Nasdaq

(UPDATE) AMZN, NFLX continue to weaken in the final hour, despite Nasdaq remaining strong. NFLX is back to flat. We'll see if dip buyers come in, oh let's say in the last 30 seconds?


So the market gapped up on less than expected unemployment number and Venezuela's offer for mediation in Libya. Great. It doesn't matter that there aren't many job openings, and Libyan opposition has said no to the mediation. Oil and gold/silver selling off.

Nasdaq is the best performer today of the three major indices, up 50 points or 1.83%. I'm curious which stock is over-performing (going up more than 1.83%), and which one is under-performing. So, from my stock screen, here's the list:


QCOM (2.87%)
ORCL (3.05%)
EMC (2.17%)
BIDU (1.97%)
RIMM (4.22%)
AAPL (1.90%)


AMZN (1.01%)
EBAY (1.16%)
GOOG (1.48%)
NFLX (0.54%)
INTC (1.23%)
MSFT (0.70%)

AMZN and NFLX continue to be rather weak, even in rebound.

Overall market under-performers:

FCX (0.63% Dr. Copper is not doing too well.)
POT (0.21%

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