Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Watch for EMA Crossover on VIX...

So my know-it-all jerk indicator on the Yahoo MB worked again... at least for one day. AMZN calls got whacked, KO calls back to my buy point, MTL got whacked (down 5% - can you say "de-risking"?). And all that was made up by gains in DGP, SLV, and VXX. My portfolio was totally, absolutely flat for the day.

Now the US stock futures are already showing cheerful numbers like Dow +30. As if the 2% sell-off was all they needed to reload the longs (BTFD, as Merrill Lynch already advised clients).

That could well be the case, but I just wanted to link this interesting chart from the guys at Breakpoint Trades (they let you subscribe for their free TA newsletter).

It's a chart of VIX, except it's a chart plotting the two exponential moving averages (13 and 34) without showing VIX. Watch for a definite crossover of EMA13 over EMA34, after a positive divergence on EMA13. The last time that positive divergence happened was right before the last year's Flash Crash (May 6).

This time, relentless POMO bombardment unleashed by Ben seems so far to have retarded the spike on VIX. We'll see if bears can use the geopolitical turmoil to push for more downside..

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