Monday, June 8, 2009

Unreal Charts: 6/8 Intraday Dow, Treasury Yield Ratio

Certain things should not exist in nature. I think I witnessed two of those today. One can be seen in an intraday chart of Dow Jones Industrial Average. After spending amost entire day in red, the index made a dash for the upside at 3:20 PM EST.

Another example is the Treasury yield ratio. The chart below the dow intraday chart plots the ratio of 10-year note yield over 2-year note yield. It was 3.91 on June 3, mere 3 trading days ago. Now the ratio is dropped (I say "is dropped", because I don't think it can happen naturally) to the March low level. Look at RSI and MACD dropped at 90-degree angle.

(I was alerted to this ratio drop by Thanks.)
It's gotta be the full moon that did these...

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