Thursday, June 11, 2009

Silver Correlates Better With Yield Rise Than Gold

But copper and iron are outpacing the yield rise. For now.

The stock market is responding favorably to today's auction of 30-year Treasury bond, although it has come off the high of the day. (It is possible it will end up flat, yet again, like the past 4 trading days.)

But yields have been rising on long dated Treasuries, most notably 10-year note and 30-year bond. Treasury/Fed/Government spin is that the economy is recovering. Maybe. Maybe not. I also hear a lot of inflation talk, even hyperinflation talk. Jim Rogers has said that Dow could go to 100,000 (or some outrageous number like that), and a quart of milk could cost $10.

Even the staid broker like Fidelity (I use them) puts out an article about how to profit from falling US dollar and rising inflation. Their recommendation: gold, silver, commodities. (They also recommend REITs and TIPS, but never mind them for now.)

So I plotted gold (via gold ETF GLD), silver (SLV), 10-year note yield (TNX) and 30-year bond yield (TYX) on a 6 month daily chart. (I threw in Apple (AAPL) just for fun, and surprisingly it correlates to silver pretty well.) First to note is silver's outperformance over gold in the past 6 months. Second, notice how well silver correlates with the Treasury yields. SLV is a thin blue line buried among TNX, TYX, and AAPL.

So the better inflation trade is silver?

Maybe. Maybe not. This second chart adds a few more names - companies that deal in other metals: Freeport McMoran (FCX, copper), Rio Tinto (RTP, aluminum, copper, gold), Mechel (MTL, iron ore, coal, steel), and AK Steel (AKS, steel). They are all outpacing the Treasury yields.

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