Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dow Jones Intraday and Linear Regression

This is today's Dow Jones Industrial intraday. I was just watching the market today, mostly, and this is what I was watching: linear regression line.

I plotted the top line connecting the peaks, more or less, and the bottom line connecting the bottoms, more or less. I decided to ignore the spike down after 10:00 AM PST as reactionary low. I drew the center line right about the middle. And after 3:00 PM EST I thought, well I think they are going to park Dow right about 10,434. Sure enough, Dow ended the day at 10,433.

I've noticed that the Fibonacci retracement numbers and linear regression work better these days. Just my feeling. It could be because of those algo computers are programmed with numbers. I would be impressed if they are programmed to recognize patterns like "cup and handle"...

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