Thursday, November 26, 2009

Batten Down the Hatches, Probably...

Thank you Dubai for the Thanksgiving surprise!

This is one of those events that defy technical analysis. You can't predict the event like this by looking at the chart. Asian markets are having a second day of severe down draught, with Hang Seng and Seol Composit leading the way. European bourses are sure to follow, which will be followed by the U.S. market. Dow futures are down 250 points as of 00:16 AM EST. I don't remember seeing the Dow futures this much in deep negative territory even in September/October of 2008.

The chart below is a 2-year Dow weekly chart, just to show the Fibonacci retracement from the March bottom to November top to see how low the index could fall. 61.8% line seems to offer a solid support, which is around 8,960. Back to the level in July. In between, 10,000 and 9,500 have some support, as they were resistance on the way up.

One of many things I regret for not having paid attention is Dubai's world-tallest skyscraper. When that building (still under construction) became the tallest in the world, it was September 1st, 2008. Right before everything went to hell in the stock markets worldwide. I had read about the "skyscraper index" back in January 2008, but I didn't connect.

It would be ironic if another Dubai incident (this time a threat of sovereign default) marks the beginning of a significant leg down in the market, which Elliott Wave people call P3, last leg of a bear market which will undercut the first leg low.

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