Friday, April 24, 2009


Ford Motor, that is. The ticker symbol F cannot appear on my "Shoulda, Coulda Stocks" column (to the right) often enough. I called up the buy screen at least 3 times now. Ford announced the 1st Q results today, and since the results were less bad than expected, the stock has skyrocketed 16% to $5.22 (as of 10:24am PST).

I am mad at myself for not acting on this stock, so I've done some chart analysis to clearly see what I was feeling (that F was a buy). The 3rd chance was just this Tuesday, when it touched the trend line and bounced back up. The very next day, Goldman Sachs upgraded the stock, along with Japanese auto makers, to Buy.

Now I'll have to see if this pop is sustainable. You wouldn't think so but I've seen such a thing sustained. If it falls back and stays not far below the previous top, that may be another opportunity. On a longer-term chart (2 year), there seems to be a large overhead between $4.50 and $6 so the stock could well be bobbing in this area for some time.

The easy trade may be finally over for F, but who knows... Certainly I don't. I thought the easy trade was over every time F doubled in price.


Looks like my other obsession, NRO, may be joining the "Shoulda, Coulda Stocks" soon... Who could have known, the closed-end fund that invests in REITS and CRE can perform so well?

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