Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Louise Yamada Cautions Further Weakness

A week ago I posted that Dow was on the blink. A week later, it is still on the blink, actually almost at the same level; the index had a huge rebound 2 days after I posted (to be expected, LOL), then went nowhere for two trading days, and a big down day with good volume.

Louise Yamada, one of the best technical analysts out there, thinks the next logical support will be the August high, around 10,700 for Dow (like I said....), and that would be still considered consolidation.

However, she sounds caution that it may not hold there. The reason? Because the market failed to break out of the April high. She considers that to be more important than the lack of daily volume which many analysts (including Art Cashin) have pointed out as a bearish sign.

For more, go to Kingworld News.

(h/t erikbacardi)

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