Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silver Breaking Out: SLV

Whatever got into the poor man's gold (that's silver) today (8/25/2010), it pretty much had a TA textbook breakout from a pennant or triangle formation.

Here's a 6 month daily chart of SLV, an ETF that tracks silver (and is supposed to be backed by physical silver, though no one with a working brain believe it). This breakout would put the target price of SLV at $20.84.

In a 3-year weekly chart, SLV seems to have formed a cup and handle, and the handle is shaped as a pennant. The target based on that formation is over $30.

I bought SLV when it was slightly below $12 in April 2009 and I have kept it ever since. Unlike my gold ETF (DGP, also a long-term holding), SLV has never dipped below my buy point. I have no intention of selling either of them anytime soon.

I've read analyses by gold/silver bugs saying silver will go much higher percentage-wise than gold. I've seen a target price of $100. Well, if J.P.Morgan Chase is forced to cover its silver naked short positions, that should do the trick...

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