Friday, July 30, 2010

Well, Hello Fractals.... Dow 3-Year Chart Now and Then (2008, 2009)

So the 2nd quarter GDP comes in lower than expected, but the obligatory dive of the stock market at the open was quickly eradicated. Dow Jones Industrial Average is down only about 10 points, instead of 100 points. For now, at least (9:30 AM PST).

Nothing to trade here, so I started my game of pattern recognition in the 3-year Dow daily chart. And I'm seeing something interesting. I'm not claiming it definitely, but I'm just sharing.

I see a pattern from October 2008 to June 2009 being repeated, albeit on a smaller scale and shorter time frame: diminution.

We know what happened after April 2009. It seems like QE2 in some form is all but guaranteed. Are we going to have another melt-up on low volume, going into the November election?

But you may also notice that the current pattern looks very similar to the pattern right after the market top, from December 2007 to April 2008. We know what happened after that. The stock market went up in April and May, making TA people giddy with the idea that the chart is forming a big "cup and handle" pattern and that the upside would be so great when that pattern breaks to the upside. And then June came, and it was all downhill from there...

So, take your pick. Or don't pick at all and join people who have been yanking their money from the equity mutual funds.

The Cardinal Climax is coming. Just so you know.

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