Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AMZN: Make or Break (with Updates)

(2ND UPDATE 6/29/2010) The stock ended at $108.61, and it was as low as $106.01. Let's see if It tries to regain $110 tomorrow. If it tries and fails... look out below... to 200-MA on weekly at $78, which happens to be just about the target for the head and shoulders pattern...

(UPDATE 6/29/2010) And it broke! Watch if it stops around $110 and bounces. Slight positive divergence on RSI is gone now. If it does bounce but if it's a weak bounce (price, volume), filling the gap down to $80 may be coming soon....


Amazon (AMZN) may be getting ready for a plunge, unless it manages to rebound right here right now.

Here's is AMZN's daily 1 year chart. After gapping up in late October above $110, it has managed to stay above that. But in the process, the volume has dwindled, and the pattern looks like a big head and shoulders (bearish), with the tiny right shoulder shaping like a descending triangle (bearish).

If the plunge happens, it is likely to fill the gap and settle between $80 and $90. Height of the head from the neckline (say $115) is 36. Neckline minus 36 will give you the target of $79, but I do see some support above $90. Also, technical indicators are not totally bearish, except for slow stochastics set at 89. It's already in a bearish territory of below 20. There's a positive divergence between the stochastics and MACD, but that divergence could be blown away if the tentative general market decides to go down.

AMZN will report its earnings on July 23. The stock tends to move significantly on earnings. August put option at $100, traded today for $2.69, could be worth $20 if AMZN plunges to my target... [Please do your own DD. This is not advice in any way...]

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