Sunday, May 9, 2010

OT: Google's New Search Result Page

Ooooo I hate the look. What is the point of trying to look like Yahoo's search result page?? See it for yourself. The top is Google's supposedly new and improved search result page. The bottom is Yahoo's search result page, which has been this design more or less for some time.

Three columns, with the left column dedicated to navigation buttons, the center column showing the search results, the right column an ad space.

No wonder Google's shares have been on the decline, which started long before the May 6 market near-meltdown. If the company's idea of new design is to mimic the look of its far lesser rival, I would start to worry if I was an investor. They don't even offer an option for the users to switch back to the previous look.

Google may be losing the edge quite rapidly, in fact. Their online applications are increasingly buggy, features are not added but subtracted (like Google Map's "Terrain" feature). They seem to have some indigestion problem of integrating companies and technologies that they have acquired (like Blogger). As I posted a few weeks ago, GOOG's chart resembles MSFT's chart.

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