Friday, September 18, 2009

Dow 5-day Chart: Ascending Triangle?

It looks to me like "ascending triangle" formation over the two days. Usually the break is to the upside, but since today is a quad-witching day I don't think it will happen. But who knows? It's Mercury Retrograde, after all...

(If a breakout ever occurs out of this pattern (if this is an ascending triangle pattern, that is, LOL), the target for Dow is about 100 points up from here, bringing the index very close to 10,000. DISCLAIMER: I am not not qualified to advise, recommend on the stock market, and this is only for your and my entertainment.)

EOD (end of day), the crooks otherwise known as market makers and specialists, managed to end Dow Jones Industrial Average right on the dot on the lower ascending trendline. The ascending triangle formation is still intact, which may or may not be significant, as this was a quad-witching Op-Ex (option expiration) day.

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